While our growth story is rooted in facts and figures, our legacy will be built on a strong reputation of excellence in residential, commercial and gated community developments. This is why, even during these challenging times, we remain deeply committed to our mission of creating superior developments in each of our market segments, and fulfilling our promise to all of our Customer.

With a notable and consistent track record of growth, customer satisfaction and innovation, Rajee Infrastructure is known to execute challenging projects with efficiency, speed and confidence. And being backed by a highly experienced team of experts from diverse backgrounds only strengthens our ability to do so.

Going forward, Rajee Infrastructure hopes to continue changing the landscape of Nashik with growth and sustainability; it is committed to being environment friendly.

The company believes that progress must be achieved in harmony with the environment, and is deeply committed to environmental protection and community welfare. Each project is a mission to fulfil customer expectations and a promise to set new standards of delivery and satisfaction.



We are a dynamic company constantly upgrading our construction techniques, design materials, specifications and amenities in order to provide our customers with a premium home and office address.


Our vision is to establish lasting relationships with clients based on the foundations of trust, integrity and transparency. Our reputation depends on our delivered value in the eyes of every customer and community.


Our Mission is to Design, build & market residential and commercial complexes of international quality & leaving no stone unturned to fulfill the dreams of our customers.